My Daily Tarot – Gratis Virtual Tarot Reading

My Daily Tarot Gratis

Do you have problems making the right decision?
Are you wondering what your future brings?
Are you having questions about your relationship and love life?
Then play tarot gratis, your daily free tarot reading game.

Select from 3 different tarot readings (daily tarot, relationship, classic tarot and a free tarot reading) and find the answer you are looking for! Come back everyday and collect all 78 cards! (Please see the instructions below for how to play)

Daily Tarot Rules:


  • Go through the types of tarot gratis reading you would like.
  • Then enter the question you would like to ask.
  • Shuffle the tarot cards, and then hold on as the tarot cards are cut.
  • When the tarot cards are passed out, click on a tarot card for every spot. Then read the tarot cards one at a time.
  • There are numerous varieties of free tarot readings – one for each type of situation!
  • You may get a “daily reading” every single day. Every time you get yourself a daily tarot reading, you collect 1 of 78 tarot cards for your tarot album. Collect all 78 tarot gratis cards!

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